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Nestled in the hills overlooking the quaint, artisan town of Harmony, just off Highway 1, Harmony Cellars Winery produces award-winning wines and offers a remarkable view of the coastal countryside. Owners Chuck and Kim Mulligan built their winery to reflect the unique country atmosphere of the surrounding area. Roam the gardens, lounge in the gazebo or pack some goodies to enjoy with Harmony Cellars wine in the picnic area.

3255 Harmony Valley Road
PO Box 2502
Harmony, CA 93435


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Wine Tasting PourThe Central Coast Region boasts a rich tradition in winemaking and viniculture dating back to the mission era of the late 17th century.   Today, scores of wineries and over a hundred vineyards growing premium wine grapes dot the oak savannah-covered hillsides and  our spectacular scenic coast. 

Here, a day of wine touring begins with a pleasant drive along  rural country roads.  Visitors discover small family-owned wineries where they're greeted with genuine warmth and treated like an old friend.  Chat with the winemaker, enjoy a picnic on winery grounds, and sample finely-crafted, award-winning wines.

Most of the following wineries and shops offer tasting to the public. Please call ahead to inquire about hours open, tours, and tasting fees.

URL Business Name Location More Info
AJB Vineyards Paso Robles
Anglim Winery Paso Robles
Arroyo Robles Paso Robles
Austin Hope Winery Paso Robles
Bella Luna Winery Templeton
Bianchi Paso Robles
Brian Benson Cellars Paso Robles
Calcareous Winery Paso Robles
Caparone Winery Paso Robles
Carmody McKnight Estate Wines Paso Robles
Casa de Caballos Vineyards Templeton
Cass Winery Paso Robles
Castoro Cellars Templeton
Central Coast Wine Room Paso Robles
Changala Winery Paso Robles
Chateau de Deighton Paso Robles
Chateau Margene Cellars Creston
Chumeia Vineyards Paso Robles
Clautiere Vineyard Paso Robles
Clayhouse Vineyard Paso Robles
Corbett Canyon Vineyards San Luis Obispo
Dark Star Cellars Paso Robles
Denner Vineyards & Winery Paso Robles
Doce Robles Paso Robles
Dover Canyon Winery Paso Robles
Dunning Vineyards Paso Robles
Eagle Castle Winery Paso Robles
Eberle Winery Paso Robles
EOS Estate Winery Paso robles
Fermentations Cambria
Fetzer Five Rivers Ranch Paso robles
Fratelli Perata Paso Robles
Gelfand Vineyards Paso Robles
Grey Wolf Cellars Paso Robles
Halter Ranch Vineyard Paso Robles
Hansen Vineyard Templeton
Harmony Cellars Harmony
Hidden Mountain Ranch Paso Robles
Hug Cellars Paso Robles
Hunt Cellars Paso Robles
J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines Paso Robles
Jack Creek Cellars Templeton
Jankris Winery Templeton
JanKris Winery Templeton
Justin Vineyards & Winery Paso Robles
L’Aventure Paso Robles
Laetitia Vineyard & Winery Arroyo Grande
Le Cuvier Winery Paso Robles
Linne Calodo Cellars Paso Robles
Locatelli Vineyards & Winery San Miguel
Madison Cellars Paso Robles
Maloy O'Neill Vineyards Paso Robles
Martin and Weyrich Winery Paso Robles
Mastantuono Winery Templeton
Meridian Vineyards Paso Robles
Midlife Crisis Winery Paso Robles
Midnight Cellars Paso Robles
Nadeau Family Vintners Paso Robles
Norman Vineyards Paso Robles
Opolo Vineyards Paso Robles
Peachy Canyon Winery Templeton
Penman Springs Vineyard Paso Robles
Pipestone Vineyards Paso Robles
Pretty-Smith Vineyards & Winery San Miguel
Rabbit Ridge Paso Robles
Rainbows End Vineyard & Winery San Miguel
Rio Seco Vineyard Paso Robles
RiverStar Vineyards and Cellars San Miguel
RN Estate Vineyard & Winery Paso Robles
Robert Hall Winery Paso Robles
Rotta Winery Templeton
San Marcos Creek Winery Paso Robles,
Saucelito Canyon Vineyard Arroyo Grande
Silver Horse Winery San Miguel,
Silverstone Wines LLC Paso Robles
Stacked Stone Cellars Paso Robles,
Stephen's Cellar Templeton,
Still Waters Vineyards Paso Robles
Summerwood Winery Paso Robles
Sylvester Winery Paso Robles
Tablas Creek Vineyard Paso Robles
Talley Vineyards Arroyo Grande
Tobin James Cellars Paso Robles
Treana Winery Paso Robles
Turley Wine Cellars Templeton
Victor Hugo Vineyards and Winery Templeton
Vihuela Winery Templeton
Vista Del Rey Vineyards Paso Robles
Wild Coyote Paso Robles,
Wild Horse Winery Paso Robles
Windward Vineyard Paso Robles
York Mountain Winery Templeton
Zenaida Cellars Paso Robles
Zin Alley Templeton,

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