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Name: Uli
100 Main Street, Morro Bay 93442

" sister had a conniption as she tasted it, and she then said, 'THIS IS THE BEST-TASTING THING I'VE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Sadly, I had to give her my "Bar."

The Big Sur Bar, a layered hearty bar with a touch of sweetness, and has a chewy oatmeal bottom with a thick and crunchy delicious mix of pecans, almonds, raisins, coconut, chocolate chips, brown sugar and honey on the top. Enjoy the Big Sur Bar any time and any place!

We bake Big Sur Bars to order to ensure the best possible freshness. They ship well, too. And, if you think you have ordered too many Big Sur Bars, just put them in the freezer and thaw them when you are ready to once more enjoy the delicious Big Sur Bar treat! When your next meal is a long time away the Big Sur Bar will tide you over.

The Big Sur Bar is truly a bar you will remember. It's Heavy Good.™ Big Sur Bars are a great alternative to other snacks! Were you going to grab a cookie? Grab a Big Sur Bar instead. Were you going to grab an energy bar? Grab a Big Sur Bar instead. Were you going to grab that candy bar? Grab a Big Sur Bar instead. The Big Sur Bar will satisfy that craving for something sweet and healthy like nothing else that's on the market.

Contact Information
Phone: 805 709-2787

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