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Name: Laetitia Vineyard & Winery
453 Tower Grove Dr., Arroyo Grande 93433


Arroyo Grande, California

The Laetitia Estate Vineyards were first planted to grapes in 1982 when French viticulturists found ideal growing conditions in the Arroyo Grande Valley for producing wines of similar character to those of their homeland in Epernay, France. Nineteen years later, the property would be acquired by Selim Zilkha, founder of a successful wind power development company and champion of environmental sustainability. Between his qualifications in renewable energy solutions and his passion for the pleasures of the harvest, Selim has developed Laetitia into the home of some of California's highest quality, sustainably-produced wines.

Wine made from estate-grown fruit is distinctive because it is the product of one artistic vision from vine to glass. At Laetitia, Vice President Vineyard Operations Lino Bozzano begins fulfilling that vision by farming the vines according to the winemakers' styles, the disposition of the varieties, and their particular growing conditions. "There is tremendous diversity in this small area, from the soils to the meso-climates," says Lino, a third-generation California farmer and graduate of Cal Poly's Crop Science program. "It's the perfect venue for understanding what site means to the wines."

Contact Information
Phone: 805 481-1772

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