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Name: Jill Knight
2164 Center Street, Cambria 93428

Our building on Center Street has a little story…

Milton Mayfield, local rancher and confirmed bachelor, lived in a Victorian home on the south west corner of Lee and Center Street. He was the grandson of William and Eunice Leffingwell and was known for his fine horses. In 1931, Mr. Mayfield became gravely ill and a young nurse was hired to care for him. After several months of good care, Milton’s health improved greatly and he decided to marry his sweet nurse, Millie. He proposed and she accepted. In celebration and anticipation, he had a new two bedroom house built in his former horse corral. A few weeks before the wedding, he died. The unfortunate Millie left town and his many nieces and nephews rented the house to Dr. and Mrs. Anderson.

In 1937, after settling Milton’s estate, the heirs sold the house to Wilfred and Hazel Kennett Lyons for $2,000. For 30 years, Wilfred and Hazel made their home and raised their two daughters in the house on Center Street.

Wilfred and Hazel worked at his parent’s merchandise stores, the Lyons Red & White and Lyon’s Store and was employed at Soto’s Market over four decades. Hazel also worked for many years at Soto’s.

Wilfred was our pre-eminent historian. He lived in and influenced our unique town for over nine decades during a remarkable century. He was the spirit and conscience, indeed the very heart of Cambria.

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